Someone Aging 22 Years

…….Time lapse photos of someone else aging 22 years

Kingsley Aging 10 Years


I've been trying to slow my own aging since I was about thirty four.

Kingsley's Biological Ages in 2018

Kingsley's Big Spreadsheet of Lifespan Experiments

In about 2005, I started summarizing the results of scientific life span experiments.

By 2017, it had over sixteen thousand.

Here's what I found when I data mined it.

Need help designing a good experiment? Humble suggestion: ask Bill Kappele.

Elliptical Desk

Scientists say sitting too much is about as bad for our health as smoking. I combined a stand up desk with an elliptical trainer. You can watch it with either the free VLC media player or the free and popular Firefox web browser.1).

Fast & Live Longer

Do our diets contain enough zinc?

Evidence suggests we could live a couple years longer by eating ten times the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of zinc.

Stopping the #1 killer

Survive cardiovascular disease

There is (evidence) that eating just plants can reduce the risk of dying from the number one killer, cardiovascular disease, by 96 percent. Eating just plants also evidently reduced the risk of dying for any reason by 70%.

Screening Anti-Aging Interventions For Fun And Profit

My poster at Basel Life Science Week 2015

The Younger Year

My New year's resolution for 2015 was to get younger. Here's my report. It has before and after video, and my “biological” ages.

Will People Become Immortal?

Data Showing Health Declines With Age

The Legend of 250 year old Li QingYun meets science

There's evidence for his advice to meditate and eat rice and herbs.

C. elegans life span experiments replicated and extended

I replicated their math, found successful mammal studies in my big spread sheet of life span experiments and calculated changes in max life span.

I replicated and extended more life span experiment statistics.

Green tea seems to reverse age

Drinking more green tea seems to have made me a year younger in just a month.

At least one way of measuring biological age said a dark new batch of green tea leaves seems to have made me a little younger.

Testing if Stem Cell 100+ Works

An anti-aging product didn't seem to make me younger, maybe because I already do so many other things to blunt aging.

Testing if Intermittent Fasting Works

After about a month of intermittent fasting, I seemed to be about a year younger.

Hingwastak Insignificant

Fixing a leak in my furnace's exhaust

Red wine didn't seem to make me younger

Dose vs. all-cause mortality for vitamins B6 and B12

Jiaogulan vs. BioAge2

An Asian herb named Jiaogulan seems to have decreased my biological age by about half a year, but the change was insignificant.

Resveratrol: +5%

A quick 'n dirty meta analysis of resveratrol life span experiments says it added an average of 5%.

The Central Limit Theorem

Hot or not? I put it to the test.



In Fish?

Five years after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, I found no significant radiation in fish from the Pacific Ocean.

In Kelp?

I found radiation in granulated kelp from the west coast of Canada, Maine and Iceland. I'd like to retest them again, but with a more sensitive radiation meter that can discriminate between naturally occurring isotopes, like potassium 40, and those from the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, Japan, like cesium.

In Kitchen Stuff?



I seem to have stripped off electric waves, leaving just magnetic waves.

Didn't hurt plants

I failed to replicate an experiment that found WiFi hurt plants. We need to know if it's safe for people. More research is needed.

I'm not convinced about man-made global warming

I compared how much NASA says temperatures rose in the last 40 years (.7 degrees C) to how much NOAA says they rose in ancient ice core samples from Greenland. There's not much of a difference.

1) This avoids patent problems.